Thursday, October 16, 2008

Facility and Organizational Management offered by NSG

Over the past year The Neiman Sports Group has been involved with the management of the Steel Ice Center in Bethlehem, Pa. The purpose: turn a great facility in which many locals did not know about in to one of the areas well known family "hangouts". Through the facilitation of programs run both in house and out of house the Steel Ice Center has turned the corner. Two of the most popular programs are the hockey and figure skating done at the Ice Center nearly 365 days of the year. Whenever there is ice there is hockey and it is in no shortage at the Steel Ice Center. The arena boosts one of the best, if not the best hockey program in the region, The Bethlehem Blast. With hundreds of kids in the program and championship after championship the Blast have shown why the are regarded as one of the best.

Leading the charge at the Steel Ice Center is Clyde Smoll, a former professional baseball team owner. Smoll brings loads of experience to the table and has put his expertise into effect at the Ice Center. Smoll has brought in outside vendors to help boost revenues while trimming the budget to maximize the arenas profits. In a short year Smoll has done what would have taken many 3 to 5 years to do.

What's on the horizon? The Neiman Sports Group has decided to take on an organization that goes right down to its roots: a baseball team. The Neiman Sports Group is proud to announce that is will be overseeing and managing the Quakertown Blazers, a team based out of the Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League. The Blazers have been a staple in the league as they were founded in 1984. Want to know more about the Blazers? You'll have to wait for the next week's blog as we will explain in detail the in and outs of the Quakertown Blazers.

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